Create your very own Nintendo Mii Characters online here. Since the launch of the Nintendo Wii, the Mii characters have always been a fun part of the games console. This Gives a unique look and appearence. Now you can enjoy making Mii characters online.

Great Tip! Press 'print Screen' on keyboard, paste into Microsoft paint, cut save and enjoy a great Mii avatar!

The Nintendo Wii is the latest video console craze. The Nintendo Wii features smooth state of the art graphics wrapped in to a slim line stylish case that boasts attraction and desire from many households around the globe.

Nintendo have been around producing video games since the early 90's with fierce competition between rival video console producers it has constantly been a battle to stay at the top.

What makes the Nintendo Wii shine amongst other consoles in present time is its state of the art Wii remote, that consists of inbuilt accelerometers. These sensors can determine acceleration. When these Wii remotes are attached to ones hand, these sensors can detect the motion of a 'golf swing' in a game of golf, punch in a boxing match, or throw of a tennis racket.

Obviously this brings much more excitement into the gaming world, especially when playing 2 or more people.


Introduction of Mii characters.

To make Nintendo Wii gaming even more fun, Nintendo developed the Mii range of characters. These Mii characters are digital avatars which can be created and customized to look like the person who is playing the game, holding similar characteristics designed by the Wii gamer, these can then be saved in the consoles memory for future game play.

To create Mii's you first select gender, being male or female and follow on to define the shape of the Mii's face, nose, hair, mouth etc. You can then add Mii glasses, face features such as red cheeks wrinkles and other attributes.

The Mii creator also allows body shape and size to be adjusted, as well as color, clothes and headgear. At the end you can name your Nintendo Mii.

The Mii character is only a means of identification between other Wii players, each Mii is evenly matched but performance of how well a certain Mii player achieves is recorded on the Nintendo Wii console for reference.

Creating or making a Mii character is considered fun, not only does it represent the person who has made it, this is a piece of digital art where you can see a cartoon lookalike of yourself performing extreme game play in your favorite video games on your TV or computer screens.


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